Forms & Documents

The forms linked from this page are useful in the ministry of Puente de Amistad. Please be diligent to fill out each form in the manner described. Your cooperation will enhance our work in Mexico.

These forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The reader is free from Adobe and supports multiple platforms. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, please navigate to the Adobe site to download and install it.

Click a form to open it in Acrobat Reader and then print it on your printer. Team leaders should collect all completed forms from team members and mail them to Puente de Amistad.


The documents linked below contain revised information formerly provided in a single document (Puente de Amistad Leader's Manual). All team leaders must read all three documents. We also recommend that everyone visiting Puente de Amistad read the Team Member's Manual.

If you have previously downloaded one or more of these documents, please check the date on the cover to make sure that you have the latest version. If your copy is older than the date shown below, please download a fresh copy.

  • Team Leader's Manual - This contains instructions and insight that will greatly enhance your team's visit to Puente de Amistad. This document contains current passport and border crossing requirements. It is vital that all team leaders are familiar with these requirements.
  • Team Member's Manual - This contains instructions, cultural information, and insight that will benefit all team members.

Team Leader Forms

  • Team Registration Form - Complete this form and send a copy to the Puente de Amistad director at least 30 days before your scheduled arrival. The form must be filled out completely. You will be allowed to make minor changes after the form is received but the director must be advised by telephone prior to your arrival in Tijuana. The exact number of team members, the male/female, minor/adult-breakdowns, and available skills are important for finalizing key details of your stay.

Team Member Applications

Each team member must fill out an application form. Team members are accepted or rejected by their local leadership, not by Puente de Amistad. However, these application forms will provide us with valuable information and assure us that each team member has agreed to basic conditions.

Miscellaneous Forms & Documents

  • Vehicle Permission Form - If any team member will be driving another person's vehicle while in Mexico, the registered owner of the vehicle must fill out and sign this form.
  • Prayer Partner List - This list is important in the spiritual realm. We insist that each team member have lots of committed prayer support while in Mexico. This form need not be sent or even shown to the director, but the team leader must make sure each team member has committed prayer partners.